型 号:865T编码器
价 格:0元
A C-Face Thru-Bore Encoder With stainless Steel Housing
Fits NEMA Size 56C Thru 184C
Motor Faces(4.5”AK)
Slim Profile- Only 1.00” Deep
Incorporates Opto- Asic Technology
Resolutions to 4096 CPR
The Model 865T C-face encoder is a rugged,high resolution encoder designed to mount directly on NEMA C-face motors. Both sides of the encoder are C-face mounts, allowing additional C-face devices to be mounted to this encoder. Unlike many C-face kit type encoders, the Model 865T contains precision bearings and an internal flex mount, virtually eliminating encoder failures and inaccuracies induced by motor shaft run out or axial endplay. The advanced Opto-ASIC design provides advanced noise immunity necessary for many industrial applications. This encoder is ideal for applications using induction motors and flux vector control. The Model 865T provides speed and position information for drive feedback in a slim profile-only 1.00” thick. The Thru-Bore design allows fast and simple mounting of the encoder directly to the accessory shaft or to the drive shaft of the motor, using the standard motor face (NEMA sizes 56C-184C). The tough, 316 stainless steel housing resists the corrosion and hazards of a caustic industrial environment
Common Applications
Motor Feedback, Velocity & position Control, Conveyors, Variable Speed Drives, Mixing & Blending Motors, Assembly & Specialty Machines


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